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On St. Patty’s Day, Coach Amy shared motivational advice about how to get reignited and learn the ins and outs of turning your healthy intentions into action. Listen for yourself HERE.



Paperclips Day 1 - 1.13.14Eighty-six life-changing paperclips.

The morning of Monday, January 13, started like any other. On this morning, it was spin class at the gym. While I knew I needed to be there, I felt overwhelmed with the week’s To Do List. But I sucked it up, got on the spinner (5 minutes late…. grrr) and pedaled away.

Ten minutes into class, it started. “Why do you even bother? You’re just going to fail again. Stop disappointing yourself and your family. Just give up and get a real job.” Although the exact words weren’t necessarily that plainly stated, the message was crystal clear. I was a loser, fraud and failure.

Are you ready to start over with a clean eating plan? Have the holidays left you feeling tired, hyped-up on sugar and pushed to the brink with white processed-stuff? Do you need a vacation from your holiday vacation?

If the sight of chocolate or sugar cookies makes your belt burst, this tele-seminar will sooth your woes!



  • End the vicious sugar-cycle.

  • Add healthy, delicious and fresh foods back into your diet.

  • Lose those extra holiday pounds.

  • Get back into a healthy routine at work and home!


Monday, January 20th, 5:30-6:15pmCT

CLICK HERE to sign-up TODAY!


Do you know what makes you happy? I mean REALLY smile, feel all warm and fuzzy, like you’re at exactly the right place doing the right thing and everyone’s on your side? 

What gets you there? Food, friends, family, exercise…. something you’d rather not admit?

And if you’re one of the lucky ones, how often do you visit Happytown?

Feeling happy is a state of the mind, body and soul. We come in and go out of it many times throughout the day. The bitter times make the sweet times feel sweeter and the super crummy times feel not that crummy. But how do you get and stay happy? How to you make it something normal, a way of living vs. a fleeting high?

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