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Grilled vegetables and crisp salads are fantastic year ’round…but there’s just something about oven-roasted vegetables that just seals in the “goodness”.

Roasted vegetables retain nutrients and bring out the sweetness, so even little ones or those who aren’t keen on veggies may give them another try. The trick is being sensitive to time and temperature.

Keeping the temperature set at or below 400 degrees locks in the natural vitamins and nutrients. Reconnect with seasonal produce such as sweet potatoes, parsnips, cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, carrots, winter squash, zucchini, onions and garlic. Heck, add in some mushrooms or any other favorite veggies, too.

Cut your choice of vegetables into 1/2 – 1″ chunks and lightly drizzle with olive oil. Season to taste with a sea salt, fresh ground pepper, rosemary, garlic and/or thyme. Cook in a roasting pan for 30 minutes, turning veggie halfway through. Enjoy them alone, as a side dish, with eggs or pureed with stock for a creamy, hot and comforting soup. Mmm, mmm!

IMG_2068Do you know what a ‘Love Bomb’ is?

I didn’t either until my friend Dana, a fellow health coach, sent one to me. After some additional internet digging, I found the book, Reset Your Child’s Emotional Thermostat. The author, Oliver James, also has a book titled, They F*** You Up. After last week’s blog, I found it fitting and deeply hilarious.

But to keep matters short and sweet (mmmm sweet!), here’s my LOVE BOMB to you:

Even in your crankiness, most anxious, I-can’t-even-stand-myself moments, you are perfect. Perfectly proportioned. Perfectly balanced.  Perfectly perfect.  

That inner voice telling you otherwise is your ego. And while it’s there to protect, it’s utterly off-base 99% of the time.  

You ARE ready. You DO know what you’re doing. ‘Good enough’ IS really good enough. So take that risk, talk to that person, ask for that raise, register for and finish that race. Since you’re perfectly perfect exactly as you are, everything you do is spot on perfect, too!

Hugs AND kisses,

Coach Amy Friese

IMG_2380The other day a friend posted something along the lines of, “People that swear for more trustworthy and straight-forward.” Hell yeah, I agree 100%.

Sometimes you just gotta swear. So, here we go…

Sh*t. I’m frustrated with myself. I’m angry, disappointed, and disjointed, too. I know better. I tell myself it’s wrong. F*ck, I even talk to myself while I’m doing it, but I do it anyway, only to feel ashamed and defeated…. again.

During the day, I’m busy. You’re busy. We’re all super, uber, over-the-top busy. Our brains move in wharp speed to process information flung at us from all pieces of hardware and all directions. With all this bullsh*t, we have little time and energy to focus on healthy, nutrient-dense food… when we need it most. But come shut-down time, well, that’s when sh*t hits the fan.

Before Isagenix found me, I felt overwhelmed, overworked, bloated and confused. I was introduced to this amazing company and community by my friend Jeremy. We shared a respect and love of triathlons, great food and deep family values. Something about his commitment, enthusiasm and drive caught my attention.

It’s been 11 months since I began eating these life-changing products and things haven’t been the same since! I feel energized, fulfilled, toned, confident and healthier than I’ve felt in my entire life. I feel better now than in high school and college combined.

It still makes me smile knowing that by simply following my heart, eating food from people I trust, and doing what I know is right, I can help change lives forever. And it hasn’t only been about nutrition. I’ve increased my income by 50% simply by sharing my experience and success with others.

Growing up, I watched my mom struggle with obesity for decades and it changed me forever. I believe we all deserve the peace of mind and self-love God intended for us. I believe no one should struggle with feelings of inadequacy and self-loathing simple because of the way they look or the amount of money in their bank account. Everything we need is right in front of us. We simply need to make a choice and take action.


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