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If you’ve EVER felt overwhelmed, out-of-control, or clueless in the realm of food, you’re in fabulous company. I talk to women endurance athletes all the time who struggle with what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat, and why they’re eating it in the first place. And I’m not even talking about taper week or race day nutrition, I’m talking every day eating.

Add in cravings, demands at work, responsibilities at home and taking time for yourself… well, sign us all up for an escape ASAP.

Over the last seven years, I’ve experience firsthand what it’s like to live a crazy, busy triathlon and running life. It’s been filled with it’s up and downs, of course, but most of all it’s been successful because I’ve figured out how to balance it all.

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OnionsDo you like reading magazines?

Other than the guilty pleasure of People or Good Housekeeping while waiting to be seen by my dentist or doctor, I don’t consider myself a magazine reader. They’re “nice to have” as my husband will say, but I’d much rather read a book with its hefty weight and words. There are, however, a few I’ve come to love and look forward to reading. USA Triathlon Magazine, is definitely one of them.

In the Winter 2015 issue, Barry Siff, shared his opinion on three books I’m very excited to read. One in particular sparked my curiosity, “The Art of Competition” by Mark Allen, photographed by Nick Borelli.

Aside from the fact that I absolutely love picture books (e.g. a cookbook without pictures is a run without sweat), what compelled me to immediately NEED this book is Siff’s description, “Allen’s true edge over his equally competent and capable competition over the years was between his ears and within his soul. Duh… Mark Allen IS a terrific athlete and “Zen Master”. I. Love. It!

Laptop, latte and loveAs I hunkered down to DW (do work) today, I found my brain filled with conflicting thoughts, emotions, and actions.

“What’s going on here?”, I thought. Then it dawned on me that I was being self-deprecating and plain ol’ mean. You know, things like…

“You’re wasting time. Better hurry up. Stop putzing. Why even start? What does it matter anyway? You can always do it tomorrow. Go watch TV. Take the afternoon off. No one will know, only you.” 

And it was that last one that got me…. “No one will know, only you.” The catch is, I live with me all the time and the more I let myself off the hook, the sh*tter I feel about slacking.

Then an idea struck me… I need to be nicer to myself. Still get deeds done, but respect and honor where I’m coming from and moving towards.

Girl looking at her reflectionWhen you wake up in the morning feeling down, like someone kicked you where it hurts, told you you had a big butt and cursed you for not knowing a lick about anything, try this…. Decide to switch tracks.

Those moments are just that, moments. As quickly as they arrive, they leave.

We all have the choice to take a big breath, smile at ourselves in the mirror (hair disheveled for sure), and say,

“This is now. Now doesn’t dictate the rest of my day or the rest of my life. If I let this go now, I’ll feel better. So, I’m letting it go. I am, afterall, pretty smart for reminding myself to remind myself to let it go.” 

Smile again and add a wink this time because you’ve got this. Oh, for hells sure you do. Own it and bring down the house with your hugs and high fives.


Coach Amy Friese

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