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Meditation, meditation, meditation has been my friend for the last 8 weeks. Just as crucial for success as swimming, biking, and running, it plays a big part in setting my day in the right direction. I’m sure training and life would be tougher without it right now, so I’m dang sure grateful it found me and I decided to stick with it. Have fear? Get meditation. xo

The countdown to Ironman Wisconsin 2015 has officially begun! With only 31 days to race day, I wanted… er, needed to share what’s going on in my head and heart to clear my brain and make sense of it all. It’s GO TIME and all the nervousness and excitement you’re feeling is completely normal. *big breath* Decide you’re ready and let’s finish this race together! xo

My husband, Jody, is one of the kindest, smartest and most patient people I know. He’s taken my Ironman training to a new level by riding 100 miles on his own or continuing to ride after I’ve had enough at 70-80 miles. I mean really — the guy’s a freaking powerhouse! (I love you, babe.)

There have been plenty of times, however, when I’ve hunkered into Ironman training mode and used long training sessions as an excuse to get the hell out of Dodge. Sometimes it helped and sometimes it put a wedge between Jody and me. It meant less time with him, less time with our ‘kids’ (5 parrots), less time making meals, less time gardening, less time taking care of domestic issues, less time to earn a living, and less time to share.

No body likes to talk about it. The mere fact that I’m giving it voice, makes me cringe. But the truth is, injury happens. We all poop, burp, fart, stink and cry occasionally, too, by the way.

What do we do when we’re injured? 

  • Do we ignore it and push through?
  • Stop to rest and heal?
  • Get as much sympathy as possible?
  • Use it as an excuse to quit?
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