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Dec 21

Feeling Guilty and Getting Over It

It’s 7:36AM on Wednesday morning and I’m at work (Fitness for EveryBODY Nutrition & Wellness Center). I love my job – LOVE my job. After talking to my friend and running buddy/coach Dave Jesse this morning, I decided to go for a run before my day of work began to blow off steam, get an extra day of training in and overall, to feel alive. I also felt uber inspired after teaching Brew City IMPACT this morning. Those awesome women busted their butts doing chariot runs, push-ups and jumping squats! And I wanted to do my part – for me.

So why am I at my computer writing a blog? I forgot my running clothes at home. Seriously. (shaking my head in disbelief) What fitness and nutrition professional doesn’t have an extra set of workout clothes at work or in her car at all times? Seriously. (still shaking my head… and MAYBE I’m being a bit too tough on myself.)

CRAP!!!!! (I’ll keep this PG.)

Okay, I feel guilty (and I hate feeling guilty). What do I do now? Well, I could let the guilt continue to spiral, wrecking havoc and anxiety throughout the morning. Not my first choice. Been there and it’s not fun.


Alternately, I’ve decided to say “Screw it!!” – If I don’t run now, how about later today? Yes, I know I could run in the clothes I have now. But let’s be honest… A. I’m not going to stink (I like my clients) and feel gross all day long and B. It would be a bad use of time to run home for clothes. So what’s this girl to do?

I’m all about signs and making the most of what I’ve got at the time. Being here, at my computer is time I would have spent running. So while it’s something I really wanted to do, my impromptu run didn’t happen this morning and I’ve let go of the guilt. I’m learning more and more frequently that when circumstances take a turn for the unexpected, I’ve got a choice to dwell and whine about it or acknowledge and move on. The latter is a much better option. The alternative is just not worth the emotional torment.

Besides, tomorrow morning’s tempo run with Dave will push me … his ‘slow’ tempo is my 5k pace. Gotta love that guy and his high threshold for pain…. Wait a minute, there just may be a lesson to learn here, too… *wink*


  • Shawna

    I am glad you forgot your workout clothes! It allowed you to be availible to write this article, which I REALLY needed to hear! So Thank You for using your time alternately-wisely! Its a nice reminder of how eventhough your spirit is willing….roadblocks get in the way. Patients is key!!

    • Amy

      Thank you so much Shawna. Knowing you gained some perspective and needed to be reminded of those “necessary” road blocks now and again is awesome.

      When you’ve got lemons, make the best darn lemonade you can!!

      Namaste, Amy :)

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