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Mar 11

A #MKEBride update from our very own @AliSwoop

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Alicia Hanson, aka @Aliswoop, is one of our first Beautiful Brides Health Coaching clients. Throughout the last few months she has been training with Coach Amy, and sharing her thoughts along the way. She’s been kind enough to share her most recent update with us:

“So now that I’ve been doing Brew City IMPACT (bootcamp), Health Coaching, and Restorative Yoga with Coach Amy at Fitness for EveryBODY since January, I thought it was time for some sort of update. Overall I would say that all three of these things have positively impacted my life, but in different ways. I would also say that the changes I’ve seen in my body and emotional health were better than I imagined they would be. Oh, I’ve also positively impacted my diet by doing a very strict Paleo diet during January. All of those things would be too much for one post, so this post will focus on the exercise side of things, so bootcamp and yoga (but mainly bootcamp). Be on the lookout for future posts about my month of Paleo and Health Coaching.

So before we get into the positive impacts of Brew City IMPACT (bootcamp) and restorative yoga, you should probably know a bit about my history. I’ll try to make this as quick as possible.

CHILDHOOD I wasn’t the most sporty kid, but I played some sports and played outside a lot. I rode my bike to get around.

TEEN YEARS Once I got my car, I stopped riding my bike. Volleyball was my sport. I began light weight lifting in 10th grade in order to make the varsity team because you HAD to successfully serve overhand in order to make it on the team. I barely made it on the team. I then became addicted to Tae Bo. Yeah that’s right.

YOUNG ADULT I continued to work-out. I started yoga. College and a bit of sadness got the best of me and I gained weight. I was broke after college. Luckily I have the best sister in the world (she’s my maid of honor), and she let my broke [insert word for rear end] move in with her. We did the South Beach Diet and worked out at the Y together. I lost weight and got in shape. Then I got serious about finishing my Masters degree, followed by a crazy training program, then I had two jobs. I was so busy working that work-outs and eating healthy took a back seat. I gained weight again.

ADULT I knew I needed to change things up. So I trained for and ran my first half marathon. By the end of training I felt great and was well on my way to losing the pounds. But the end of training and the holidays set me back. Then Coach Amy told me about her Beautiful Brides program and I decided to join up.

TODAY You can see from the story above that I’ve had my ups and downs. Through those experiences I’ve learned a few things.

  1. Strength training is important.
  2. Cardio training is also important.
  3. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to exercise, but it is important to ALWAYS find a little bit of time in your week. The reason I’ve been able to yo-yo, but not completely go overboard is that I’ve never completely stopped working out. One day a week is better than nothing.

With Coach Amy, I’m finding a balance between strength, cardio, and stretching. I would not be finding this balance without Coach Amy’s amazing bootcamp workout and great restorative yoga. She really is a stellar instructor. She both pushes you to find your limits and listens to your needs. Her motivational coaching helps you get beyond the mental dialogue holding you back, showing you that your body is capable of more than you thought. Her cool-downs and stretching, be it yoga or at the end of bootcamp, truly help your body heal and sets your mind on a positive track. I feel that for the first time I’m finding the balance that I need to have a life of good health. I look forward to continued positive changes”

A big thanks to Alicia for sharing her journey with us! Take a peek at her blog and join her journey through the Beautiful Brides Health Coaching program.


  • kimmers

    awesome post! i know firsthand how amazing coach amy is at making you comfy while feeling uncomfy… and yes, i mean this literally AND metaphorically. congrats on your accomplishments!

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